Health Insurance

According to Law no. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection, International Students, who are not covered by General Health Insurance System under Law no. 5510 on the Social Insurance under Universal Health Insurance, should have private health insurance covering inpatient/outpatient treatment and medical expenses. This means that, in order to apply for a residence permit, international students need to either purchase a health insurance in Türkiye or present a social security agreement exemption document. 

You can get such an insurance policy in Türkiye through various insurance companies. You will be provided with assistance to purchase the health insurance during the orientation week, if you choose to get the insurance from the company that the university works with. 

Please note that, to be able to get the health insurance, you need to have a tax number in Türkiye. You may obtain your tax number from any tax office in Turkey. The nearest tax office to the University is the Gunesli Tax Office (Şirinevler Mahallesi Barbaros Caddesi Bahçelievler Maliye Kompleksi No:3 Bahçelievler)

If you are bringing your own health insurance from your home country or if you have an insurance policy that you/your home institution bought outside of Türkiye you should show written certification in Turkish that your coverage is sufficient. This document is required for your residence permit application.